Product Ideas and Inventions

Do you have a unique product idea that would fit in with our current product line? 

Have a great invention to pitch to us?

We would definitely be interested in hearing about it. We have experience in product design and engineering. In fact, the owner, John, is a licensed professional mechanical engineer. We also have experience in manufacturing products in the USA. In addition, we have the contacts and means by which to source products and components overseas.

Please visit our "contact us" page or give us a call! Give us a simple description of the product and be sure to leave us your contact information. We can also work up a basic Non-Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement that we can send to you. Such an agreement will protect your idea in our preliminary discussions.
If Lee Manufacturing Company is interested in your product idea or invention, we would most certainly work out an agreement that is beneficial to both parties. 
We can also work with you to get your product or invention designed and ready for sale.
We look forward to hearing your ideas!