About Us

Thanks for stopping by the Lee Manufacturing Company internet store. We are a family-owned and operated business ran by the Cole family of Martin, TN. The Lee Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Dallas, TX was continuously operated by the Week's family since the 1940s. We are the makers and originators of Lee's Corn Cutter and Creamer (wooden and stainless steel versions), Lee's Pea Shellers (electric and hand-cranked models), Lee's Cabbage Cutter, the unique Dynamic (electric) Nutcracker and the ever-amazing Kinetic Kracker, which is also electric but adusts automatically. Lee also offers a few select specialty items made by some of their business friends.

While some 4 million Lee Corn Cutters have been put in use and tens of thousands of each of the other products, Lee Mfg. is still a small business. That's why Forbes Magazine called them wanting to write about a 'Mom and Pop' business that was small and unique though still successful enough to have perservered year in and year out, still being a true American "Cottage Industry" in the middle of hustling, bustling American life. Newt Weeks felt certain that Forbes had dialed the wrong number when they called, wanting to 'come take pictures and write an article about the company'. It seems that Lee Manufacturing Co. had exhibited at the National Housewares Show, in Chicago, many times and all the exhibitiors had to fill out forms revealing annual sales, number of employees, number of departments, locations, etc. Forbes had evidently asked the National Housewares Manufacturer's Assn. which of the national exhibitors was the 'smallest', not the biggest. And Hello Lee Mfg.!  It was quite an honor after the shock wore off.

Since day one, people have heard about the Corn Cutter and Pea Sheller - mostly by word of mouth. An aunt, grandmother, other relative or neighbor would serve some of the best corn ever tasted and tell how they had prepared it using Lee's Corn Cutter & Creamer.. Several Famous Chefs also discovered the Corn Cutter and Pea Sheller on their own and demonstrated them on their TV Shows without the factory's prior knowledge. Then the phones rang. They would mention them in their cookbooks. Hollywood made a movie about one of these famous lady chefs in 2009! She sent her personal check to buy one and the company actually cashed it! McCall's Magazine ran a full color page feature on Lee's Corn Cutter and repeated it for 5 consecutive summers, selling tens of thousands of them to their readers. McCall's paid for everything, including the picture, advertisement, the Corn Cutters and postage. The family-company only had to mail them out. Nearly every year the New York Times or the Boston Globe , or one of several Women's Magazines will come out with an article and picture of the Lee Corn Cutter, usually with a recipe or two, and always without the our prior knowledge. Esquire Magazine featured a chef with his Jalapeno Creamed Corn in 2009. (It was delicious!) He said "the best way to cream the corn is to use Lee's Triple-Action Corn Cutter and Creamer" and he went on to give our company name, address and website. It goes on . There's no reason to quit making them as long as people continue to want them and sing their praises.

Lee began making Pea Shellers in the late 1950's and Nutcrackers in 1962. Now they even have electric versions, dating to the early 1970's and 1980's.

There's no telling how many other stories like this one are being played out all across America every day. Our American experiment in freedom continues to fuel innovation and progress non-stop. We're excited that YOU found us and stopped by to browse through our Mom and Pop store. We're glad to serve you. OUR motto is (in the words of former owner and friend, Newt Weeks): "It's not a good deal unless it's a good deal for BOTH parties!" That's why everything comes with a 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee - and a Full One Year Warranty. These products are for people who can benefit from using them. If that doesn't happen, then we are still glad we met you. It costs nothing to look. So enjoy your visit and let us know if you have any questions.