Shelling Peas: A Breeze, Not a Chore

Ah, springtime! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and fresh peas are bursting from their pods in your garden. But then comes the not-so-delightful task: shelling the peas. Those little green gems come wrapped in a protective pod that, while necessary for their growth, can take forever to remove, especially if you have a mountain of them.

Fear not, fellow pea enthusiasts! Lee Manufacturing Co. is here to help you turn pea shelling from a dreaded chore into a breeze. We offer two fantastic pea sheller options to fit your needs and shelling style:

  • The Pea Sheller Jr.: This handy tool is perfect for small batches of peas. Its compact size and hand-crank operation make it ideal for countertop use. Simply pop open a pod, place the peas in the hopper, and crank the handle. Like magic, perfectly shelled peas fall into the collection tray below.

  • The Electric Pea Sheller Sr.: For those who have a serious pea harvest on their hands, the Electric Pea Sheller Sr. is a game-changer. This powerful electric machine lets you tackle large quantities of peas quickly and effortlessly. Just add your peas, turn it on, and watch as it efficiently separates the pods from those delicious peas.

Both of our pea shellers boast several benefits that make them superior choices:

  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, Lee Manufacturing Co. pea shellers are built to last for years of shelling peas.
  • Efficiency: Whether you choose the manual or electric option, you'll be amazed at how much faster shelling becomes.
  • Ease of Use: Both models are user-friendly and require minimal setup or cleanup.
  • Gentle Shelling: Unlike some shelling methods, our pea shellers remove the pods without damaging the peas themselves.

So, ditch the tedious hand-shelling and let Lee Manufacturing Co. help you enjoy the taste of fresh peas without the hassle. Spend less time shelling and more time savoring the delicious rewards of your garden harvest!

Ready to get shelling? Visit our website today to check out our pea shellers and other helpful homesteading tools: Lee Manufacturing Company

Bonus Tip: Don't throw away those pea pods! They can be used to make a delicious vegetable stock!