Network Morning Show Demonstrates a Corn Cutter

Have you heard the latest buzz? A corn cutter, possibly from Lee Mfg Co, made a cameo on the Today Show on NBC this past summer! If you missed it, don't worry, we've got the scoop for you.

What Happened on the Today Show?

During a segment on the Today Show, a chef showcased a corn cutter (potentially from Lee Mfg Co) while preparing a delicious summer recipe. However, there was a slight mishap - the chef used the corn cutter in reverse! Oops! But hey, at least our product got some screen time!

Check it Out!

Curious to see the corn cutter in action? Take a few minutes to watch the segment on the Today Show here. It's right at the beginning (at about the 45 second mark of the video), so you won't have to wait long to spot it!

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